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In line with the objective of increasing the competitiveness and market share of international rail freight, the governments of Portugal, Spain, France and Germany, and their rail infrastructure managers, have joined forces to create governing bodies for the implementation, management and supervision of the Atlantic Corridor.

The creation of the governance structure for the Atlantic Corridor fits in the spirit of the European Regulation (EU) N.º 913/2010 of 22 September amended by Regulation (EU) N.º 1316/2013 of 11 December, which aims at developing an internal rail market, particularly regarding freight traffic, by creating dedicated corridors.

Within the Atlantic Corridor, the international freight traffic currently represents a volume of about 299 million tonnes. Of these, only nearly 4% are transported by rail revealing a great potential for growth of the rail modal share. Backed by the common strategic objective to expressively increase of the rail market share the Atlantic Corridor becomes a privileged vehicle for that accomplishment, by simultaneously contributing to the environmental sustainability of international freight transport and its economic competitiveness.

In order to strengthen the union of the four countries and their infrastructures managers – ADIF, DB Netz, IP and SNCF Réseau – around the above mentioned strategic objective, it was jointly agreed to set up a Management Board of the corridor to ensure coordination, management and operation of all work involving the freight corridor.


The Management board of the corridor is represented by a European Economic Interest Grouping - designated “EEIG Atlantic Corridor” with headquarters at 92 avenue de France, 75013 PARIS. The head staff of EEIG Atlantic Corridor is comprised of the following representative:

President of the Assembly


Deputy directors

Management Controller

Corridor OSS headchief

According to the EU regulation 913/2010, the EEIG Atlantic Corridor includes a department for capacity allocation of international traffic in the corridor - the Corridor One-Stop Shop or “C-OSS”. The Atlantic Corridor C-OSS is located in Madrid.

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