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Date: 31st March 2017

Atlantic Corridor: Low Cost Rail, a new operator in the General Interest Rail Network

New RU Spain

It is the first independent railway company of other business groups. This new railway company (Low Cost Rail, LCR) is a commercial company, fully Spanish capital, a year of life, and dedicated to the railway, which last week made its first freight train.  

In February 2016 a renowned group of professionals in rail sector set up a company that obtained its railway undertaking license and safety certificate. In addition, LCR obtained approval as a railway training center, which was precisely its main activity while developing the structure of the company, provided traction equipment and looked for customers.

LCR, which doesn’t rule out alliances with other operators to optimize resources, is a pure railway company, and it does not depend on any construction or logistics group, exclusivity that only Transfesa shares. It diversifies its corporate purpose mainly in the following activities:

  • Freight and Passenger Rail transport.
  • Management and operation of railway terminals.
  • Management of the Low Cost Rail training center.

Already covered its formative dimension, it is expected liberalization to be able to operate in the passenger market. In freight transport has already been operating since 23 March. For this LCR has four locomotives of the series 333.3, of which two are already operational and two others will be from next May.

Coast-to-coast intermodal trains

LCR consider Valencia-Madrid-Bilbao corridor with intermodal container traffic as the starting market. They start with three weekly trains per direction, shortly, they expect to grow, with other types of traffic in the north and center of the peninsula.

The start of these first intermodal trains is made only with traction elements, have not been equipped for now own car park, or rented, working only customers who already have wagons. In any case, if there were traffic that would demand it, they would go to wagon manufacturers of the market to provide that resource.

Under this formula of rent is how LCR has accessed its traction resources. As we indicated above, for now it has two locomotives s/333.3 and is waiting to receive two others, all rented to ROSCO Renfe.

A different outset

A modest company that began with a minimum initial staff composed of three people plus the founding partners. To them were added three teachers for the course of train drivers that started in October last year. At the beginning of this year the team was increased with two other people, and with foresight to continue contracting people, mainly train drivers.

Most of the founding partners have professional experience in the railway sector or in the university teaching at railway level. Teachers are retired trainers but have coached train drivers both in Renfe and in private schools.

At the moment, they have launched two courses of train drivers, one of them will finish theoretical training this week and will continue with practical training and another that began two weeks ago. Both take place in the classrooms of Salesianos Atocha, in Madrid.

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