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Date: 8th March 2017

The 12th TAG – RAG of the Atlantic Corridor

12th TAG RAG

The 12th TAG – RAG of the Atlantic Corridor took place in Madrid, on the 8th of March 2016 where the following subjects were addressed.

List of Attendees may be downloaded here.

Atlantic Corridor presentation may be downloaded here.

Minute of the Meeting may be downloaded here. 


Corridor Information Document 2018

It was informed that the CID 2018 was already published on the website.

Atlantic Corridor (Félix Bartolomé - OSS) showed major differences in Book 4.


Extension of Atlantic Corridor to Kehl:

Atlantic Corridor (Jacques Coutou) explained the details on the planned extension of Atlantic Corridor to Kehl (see attached presentation).

CFL Cargo (Eric Lambert):

  • Operating trains between Strasbourg and Kehl
  • CFL Cargo agrees to the extension
  • Reveals problem with language, so request for language harmonization: Why do the IMs agree to speak German with each other but the RUs loco driver have to speak German and French with the IMs.

DB Cargo (Frederique Erlichman):

  • DB Cargo agrees to the extension
  • Also request for a better language harmonization

Atlantic Corridor (Christian Minge and Jacques Coutou): The language issue will be taken into account in particular in the Atlantic Corridor interoperability working group.

Summary: RUs agreed and welcomed this extension


Atlantic Corridor (CM and JC):

The language issue will be taken into account in particular in the interoperability working group.


Gauge Measurement (PC400):

Atlantic Corridor (Lorenzo Jaro) explained that measure will be for the upper part of the gauge.

DB Cargo (Frederique Erlichman):

  • Target for the combined transport gauge should be the PC 400 classification.
  • Example: Between Forbach-Metz is already a bridge blocking the passing of PC400 trains.

CFL Cargo

  • Welcomes the measurement and adds that a similar measurement will be done on RFC2
  • In France there is a huge difference between max. gauge of trains the real

Summary: Meeting participants welcomed the measurement of the combined transport profile.


RAG/TAG speaker:

Atlantic Corridor (Jacques Coutou) suggested having a contact person for both groups: terminals and operators.

DB Cargo (Frederique Erlichman) volunteered to become RAG speaker

  • Renfe Mercancías (Prudencio Izquierdo): Support DB Cargo proposal.
  • CFL Cargo (Eric Lambert): Support DB Cargo proposal.
  • Medway (Ulisses Carvalhal): Needs time to check internally.
  • Thus, decision for RAG speaker to be finalized in the next meeting.

No proposals for the TAG speaker.


Reserve capacity for 2017 and pre-arranged paths offer 2018:

C-OSS (Félix Bartolomé) presented.

DB Cargo (Frederique Erlichman): Why there are some many problems in France?

Atlantic Corridor (Jacques Coutou) explained the impact of the works and the low quality of the PAP offered in January in France. Furthermore he highlighted that in the next 10 years there will be 46 Billion € of investment in the French network


DB Cargo Decision to not request PaPs in 2018

C-OSS (Félix Bartolomé) presented

No comments from the RUs.


Invitation for bilateral meeting on TCR planning in France/Germany for TT2019

As requested in the last Atlantic Corridor RAG/TAG meeting in Frankfurt a higher involvement of the Railway Undertakings (RUs) in the Temporary Capacity Restriction (TCR) planning of the Infrastructure Managers (IMs) on the Atlantic Corridor has been requested.

RUs are invited to join the discussion between SNCF Réseau and DB Netz

Date: 13th of March 2017, 13:30 – 16:00
Venue: 174, avenue de France – Bâtiment Equinoxe – 75013 PARIS – Room 2054


New Capacity offer planned between Germany – France (Guaranteed Capacity):

Atlantic Corridor (Jacques Coutou) presented.

DB Cargo (Frederique Erlichman): How will the capacity bands affect the path times? The concept has to consider other stakeholders like the terminal operators (ADIF, Transfesa).

Atlantic Corridor (Jacques Coutou): Arrival/Departure time in Germany will change but in Spain it will be more less the same.

Atlantic Corridor (Lorenzo Jaro) pointed out that the problem of path availability in France is translated to ADIF Terminal problems in Spainder

  • A lot of workers are necessary to prepare the trains on time.
  • Only two slots/windows are available to send trains from Hundaye to the north.
  • However - The situation is not new for ADIF. Those limiting TCRs have been since 10 years.

Jacques Coutou: Decision: SNCF Réseau will prepare a presentation of the investment planned in the next 5 years in order to increase the windows at the ES/FR border


User satisfaction survey results of 2016.

Due to lack of time, satisfaction survey results were not presented


ECCO Feedback:

UIC (Sandra Ferrari) presented feedback of ECCO Group. The development of ECCO Scoreboard was in order to monitor and measure the implementation of the RFCs

Request to ECCO from MB of the Atlantic Corridor: Please update the scoreboard according to the input of the presented information of the MB.

RNE and RUs are working on a list of KPIs addressing different topics:

  • Quality
  • Punctuality
  • Delay caused by TCR
  • Average Track Access Charge per

Approval by RNE on going.

Atlantic Corridor (Christian Minge) remained that some of this KPI are complicate to implement.

Atlantic Corridor (Christian Minge) pointed out intention to create an Interoperability working group focusing in borders topic. UIC (Sandra Ferrari) highlighted the desirability of this group with which it could collaborate.

Regarding cancellation penalties topic, Atlantic Corridor (Félix Bartolomé) noted that it is still a very heterogeneous issue.

Atlantic Corridor (Christian Minge) informed that TPM WG is going to analyze the “Top 10 delayed trains by country”. RUs are invited to participate in the discussion. Two possibilities:s:

  • RAG speaker of Atlantic Corridor participates in WG meeting
  • Dedicated meeting of TPM WG with invitation of RU experts on TPM


Full closure of the line Bayonne-Hendaye in the 2nd part of 2018.

Mr. Jacques Coutou presented.

RENFE (Prudencio Izquierdo) requested a more active participation to find solutions.



Next TAG-RAG meeting of the Atlantic Corridor will be on the 20th of September 2017 in Paris.


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