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Press release

Date: 09th November 2017

The freight wagons system with interchangeable gauge


Adif, Azvi and Tria have successfully terminated the first testing phase for the freight wagon system with interchangeable gauge in railways.


Once ended the previous trial phase with the prototype, as well as the production and install of 8 axels with interchangeable gauge on the wagons used for the tests, along with the manufacture and implementation of the axel change device for the infrastructure.

As such, the first stage of the interchangeable gauge wagons operated in Iberian gauge (1668mm) between August and October between the stations of Aranjuez-Cuenca and Alcázar de San Juan-La Encima having completed the first 50.000 km of tests.

Once terminated this first phase of the rehearsals in Iberian gauge, which didn’t yet foresee the change of gauge, have allowed for the following steps of the tests:

  • A second phase to be conclude in December with approximately 50.000 km of operation both in Iberian and European gauge (1435 mm), with maximum load and maximum allowed speed; and
  • A third phase expected to be finished in the spring of 2018, with 150.000 km of operation also in both Iberian and European gauge, with maximum load and maximum allowed speed.

For other images of the trials please watch the following movie:

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