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Date: 27th August 2019

Noah‘s Train - The longest mobile artwork for climate protection

Noah’s Train, the ambassador of the Rail Freight Forward coalition, is the longest mobile artwork and is inspired by the oldest history of environmental protection, Noah’s Ark.

Coming from Luxembourg, NOAH’s train ( ) run through Bordeaux and Biarritz (location of the G7 Summit) on Saturday 24th.08 and stopped in Hendaye/Irun for container transhipment.

The train left Irun on Sunday and arrived in Madrid Abronigal : 2 additional container painted by 2 artists elected by RENFE Mercancias will be added to NOAH’s train before the exhibition planned respectively on the:

  • 5th.09 in Madrid,
  • 13th.09 in Barcelona.

NOAH's Train draws attention to the Rail Freight Forward coalition’s goal of shifting 30% of freight to rail by 2030 - because rail freight is the only possibility to combine economic growth with climate goals!

As it was highlighted by the French presidency of the G7 Summit crossed by the Noah’s train, climate protection is our priority.

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