Atlantic Corridor


The One-Stop Shop of the Atlantic Corridor is at the disposal of applicants in order to coordinate the process of capacity allocation, in addition to facilitate basic information on traffic management and on the use of the freight corridor.

The Atlantic Corridor has established a representative One-Stop Shop, in which ADIF acts on behalf of the four infrastructure managers. The Corridor One-Stop Shop (or C-OSS) is placed in Madrid and is supported by a coordinating IT-tool (Path Coordination System).

The main functions of the C-OSS are as followed:

»    Coordinate the construction of prearranged train paths in cooperation with the infrastructure managers included the corridor;

»    Allocate capacity of the prearranged and reserve train paths;

»    Establish a record of the capacity demands in the corridor;

»    Establish and maintain procedures for communication between the Infrastructure Managers and the Terminals encompassed in the corridor;

»    Publish the program of the works that might limit the available capacity of the freight corridor;

»    Ensure the monitoring of the allocated prearranged train paths usage;


»    Provide information on:

  • Access to the infrastructures comprised within the corridor;
  • The conditions of access to the terminals of the corridor;
  • Capacity allocation procedures in the corridor;
  • Infrastructure charging schemes on the sections of the corridor;
  • Access to the Network Statement Guide of each infrastructure manager involved in the corridorr;
  • Taffic management procedures of each infrastructure manager that is part of the Atlantic Corridor, including all procedures in case of disturbances.
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