Atlantic Corridor

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The Atlantic Corridor provides dedicated capacity for international freight trains on the form of Pre-arranged Paths (PaP) and Reserve Capacity.

PaP are defined in accordance with specific parameters such as load, length or locomotive type and are organized and presented in logical geographical sections.

The PaP offered for an annual timetable will be published X-11 and thus, no later than three months before the deadline for submission of the applications for capacity in X-8, referred to in Annex III to Directive 2001/14/EC.

The C-OSS accepts capacity requests from railway and non-railway undertakings, adopting the definition of "applicant" mentioned in the Directive 2012/34/EU.

There are three types of paths foreseen in the corrido:

»       Paths crossing a border included in any Rail Freight Corridor and running, at least partially, on a PaP. The correspondent requests will be addressed to the C-OSS.

»       International paths running, at least partially, over the infrastructure of the Atlantic Corridor and crossing a border in any Rail Freight Corridor but not requesting any PaP. The corresponding requests can be addressed to the C-OSS or directly to the involved infrastructure manager.

»       The national paths are dedicated to trains running through one part of the corridor and not crossing any border in a Rail Freight Corridor. They are defined and managed by the infrastructure managers. The C-OSS is not involved.

The C-OSS publishes the PaP catalog in an IT tool called PCS (Path Coordination System). This tool is managed by Rail Net Europe (RNE) and is available to applicants for international paths requests.


It is through the PCS tool that railway undertakings and other authorized applicants may apply for PaP and receive answers from the C-OSS on the status of their requests.

The process for capacity requests and allocation for PaP and Reserve Capacity have the following general schedule:

Publication of Pre-arranged Paths (PaP) for the annual timetable (by C-OSS)

Deadline for submission of PaP requests for the annual timetable (by applicants)

Communication of paths draft offer for the annual timetable (by C-OSS)

Deadline for comments of applicants about paths draft offer (by applicants)

Communication of final answers (by C-OSS)

Deadline for Late Path ordering (by applicants)
Publication of Reserve Capacity for ad-hoc path requests (by C-OSS)


Deadline for submission of ad-hoc paths requests to C-OSS (by applicants) – afterwards this submission must also be made to IMs involved.


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