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Financing Action of Projects on Corridor

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Atlantic Corridor is financing projects for improving international rail freight on the corridor

In 2023, Atlantic Corridor will provide some financial means to improve international rail freight on the corridor.


Who can apply?

The financing is addressed to any entity which is not an infrastructure manager (e.g. railway

undertakings and other applicants, intermodal operators, terminal managers and owners).


What projects are concerned?

The corridor will finance projects that bring added value to international rail freight by:

- Improving coordination between infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, intermodal operators and terminal owners & managers, both between these different groups of actors and – within the 3 later groups – across borders;

- Improving operational conditions for international rail freight services in particular in the area of planning, traffic management and performance management.

The projects can consist of studies, small investments, IT connexion etc. – what you deem importante to improve your work. You can also apply for partial financing of a larger project.


What is the eligible period?

Projects can start from the day the application is approved.

The eligible expenses must be incurred between the start of the project and December 2023.


What is the amount of the financing?

The Corridor will finance projects up to a maximum amount of 10.000 Euros each. The total budget for this financing action is 30.000 Euros.


How to apply?

The applicant has to send the following information to the managing director Claire Hamoniau (claire.hamoniau@reseau.sncf.f ), until 2 June 2023:

- name(s), organization and role(s) of the applicant in the organization.

- description of the project proposal (including involved departments);

- explanation on how the project will bring added value to improve conditions for international rail freight on Atlantic Corridor;

- expected costs for the project.


How will the decision be taken?

The Management Board of Atlantic Corridor will decide jointly, by end of June 2023, which proposals are chosen for financing.


Its decision will be based on a qualitative assessment of costs and benefits based on:

- Expected impact / added value on the development of international rail freight on Atlantic Corridor;

- Expected costs.


How will the payment be made?

A contract will be signed between Atlantic Corridor and each chosen applicant. Then, at the end of the eligible period, the applicant will send an invoice together with the documents agreed in the contract, for payment by Atlantic Corridor.


For further information

Please contact Claire Hamoniau ( claire.hamoniau@reseau.sncf.fr )