• What is reserve capacity?

    Reserve Capacity is offered using a flexible approach if remaining capacity is still available on the Corridor. It is published by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop by a certain number/contingent of capacity slots for international rail freight per day and corridor segment. Applicants may send path requests to the Corridor One-Stop-Shop for their ad-hoc traffic in the range of the published reference running times until 30 days before the first day of operation whereas short-term traffic under 30 days still needs to be requested from the individual infrastructure Managers. The timeframe for Reserve Capacity requests is +/- 3 hours from the reference point the RU indicates (start or end of requests)

  • How and when will reserve capacity be published?

    Reserve Capacity will be published in October for the upcoming timetable period if remaining capacity is still available for the upcoming Network Timetable on the Corridor.


  • How will reserve capacity be allocated?

    Reserve Capacity will be allocated by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop according to the “first come, first served” principle.