• What is a Pre-arranged path (PaP)?

    A pre-arranged path is an international pre-constructed path based on standard parameters for rail freight and offered by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop on the basis of Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 913/2010.

    On RFC Atlantic Corridor PaPs are an assembly of several PaP segments and not an entire PaP. According to the “supply offer model” a PaP does not include terminals or other facilities (e.g. stabling sidings etc.) however the connection from/to a terminal or facilities can be requested in the form of feeder/outflow paths.

  • What is a Fix PaP?

    A Fix-PaP is a PaP defined by fixed data (border times and stops within the path are fixed) and it is not foreseen to change these parameters.

  • What is a Flex PaP?

    A Flex-PaP is a PaP defined by some fixed parameters (mainly times at the border/handover points between IMs) and the indication of a range of flexible parameters. (E.g. shows standard running time, location and duration of stops for intermediate / operational points).