• How does the Corridor One-Stop-Shop take the allocation decision on a pre-arranged path?

    In this case the C-OSS applies the Corridor specific priority rules as written in the Framework for Capacity Allocation, which can be found in download area.

  • How is the priority rule affected by joining or leaving the Corridor with feeder and outflow paths at any point along the Corridor?

    If you ask for joining / leaving the corridor in the middle of a PaP-section only fully used PaP-sections will be considered for the priority calculation in the first step and the partially used PaP section will be considered as feeder/outflow path. This principle will also be applied in the case of a Flex-PaP.

  • When will I be informed about the allocation decision?

    The C-OSS provides first information to the applicants on the status of their application at the beginning of May. In case the application has the highest priority, the information concerns the allocation decision in their favor and announces the formal draft path offer which will be given on behalf of the concerned IM/AB by the C-OSS with the draft timetable offer in X-5 via PCS.