• Who is responsible for complaints related to the Corridor One-Stop-Shop?

    According to the cooperation agreement between the regulatory bodies situated in the countries along RFC Atlantic Corridor the Regulatory Body (RB) responsible for taking a decision in the event of a complaint regarding the Corridor One-Stop-Shop is as follows:

    Should the RBs of the Corridor jointly come to the conclusion that the cause of complaint is related to just one country the responsible Regulatory Body is the competent Regulatory Body for that country.

    For other cases the RBs involved in the Corridor have agreed the responsibility should be held by one of them on behalf of all.

  • What is a Pre-arranged path (PaP)?

    A pre-arranged path is an international pre-constructed path based on standard parameters for rail freight and offered by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop on the basis of Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 913/2010.

    On RFC Atlantic Corridor PaPs are an assembly of several PaP segments and not an entire PaP. According to the “supply offer model” a PaP does not include terminals or other facilities (e.g. stabling sidings etc.) however the connection from/to a terminal or facilities can be requested in the form of feeder/outflow paths.

  • What is a Fix PaP?

    A Fix-PaP is a PaP defined by fixed data (border times and stops within the path are fixed) and it is not foreseen to change these parameters.